original oil on canvas the straggler by frank wootton 191498

Original Oil on Canvas "The Straggler" by Frank Wootton (1914-98)


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Featured on page 61 of "50 Years of Aviation Art" by Frank Wootton this is the original oil on canvas painting entitled "The Straggler" by the artist.
It celebrates a moment in history proved when the two pilots, Johnnie Johnson and Adolf Galland, met after the war and compared their pilot log books.
In August 1943 Johnson, in his Spitfire MKIX, was flying about 1000 feet above the damaged bomber when Galland in a ME109 appeared out of the clouds preparing to engage, with the appearance of another Spitfire, Galland withdrew, not a shot was fired.
Also with this original painting I will include a copy of the print numbered 731/1250 signed by Johnnie Johnson, Adolf Galland and Frank Wootton.
Picture - 25" x 36" (63.5 x 91.5cm)
Frame - 30.25" x 41.25" (77 x 105cm)
Internal Ref: 30970

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